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The router is perfect for people who want to enjoy internet gaming as well as streaming, thanks to the fact that this router has a combined speed of 1.75 Gbps.With that said, the router is both stylish and incredible at every task thrown at it, and for those who are looking for the perfect price and performance ratio, the router is an amazing choice. WIRELESS ROUTER


Considering how it is an entry level router, the build quality isn’t all that good and the router seems flimsy, with that said, make sure that you don’t end up dropping the router because it can, and will probably get damaged. And even though the build quality seems to be average at best, the router has a large footprint, so make sure that where you place the router, it has enough space for itself.

Moving on to the thing that matter, keep in mind that it happens to be a dual-band router; the router has a total of 6 antennas, 3 of them are external while the remaining 3 are internal. The increased number of antennas are really good for giving you a respectable amount of Wi-Fi range and the speed also happens to be respectable enough. The router also comes with NAS capability, but don’t get too excited as it is only average.

What’s lacking is that despite the price you are going to pay for the router, you won’t be getting an awful lot of features. But then again, TP-Link aimed this router towards the entry level and budget oriented consumers who just want to have a good wireless router with decent enough performance when it comes to streaming and online gaming with great ease.


Excellent price to performance ratio

Respectable performance on both the bands

Good performance with streaming and online gaming

NAS capability is a good addition


Average build quality (All Plastic)